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Where to Buy Bones and Related Materials

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The Bones Marketplace at a Bones Fest

Bones Marketplace

Our members and a few others who make or sell rhythm bones and related items set up tables at every Bones Fest, and you can try out rhythm bones until you find the sound you are looking for. Shown here are Scott Miller, standing, and Randy Sepalla.

Where to Buy Rhythm Bones from an RBS member

A few of our members make and/or sell bones. It may be a bit crass to list them first, but we appreciate the support they give RBS.

  • Mardeen Gordon. She makes Shooting Star Bones in many woods; $16.00 Budget Bones = canarywood, cherry, oak, primavera. $20.00 Basic Bones = bocote, bubinga, chechem, goncalo alves, lacewood, maple, osage orange, peroba rosa, purple heart, satinwood, shedua, vermillion, walnut. $26.00 Bonnoisseur Bones = cocobolo, granadillo, kingwood, rosewood, tulipwood, verawood, ziricote. Also available: $10.00 BONES BAGS: colorful drawstring cloth bags designed to hold up to 4 pairs
  • Order online from Rhythm Fusion at at,
  • Mardeen Gordon, Shooting Star Bones, 1201 Dundee Ave, Ben Lomond, CA 95005, 831-336-8745
  • Adam Klein. He makes bones of all shapes and sizes from recycled and sustainable sources, primarily pine and maple. The most recent batches have been sanded to 2000 grit, making them the smoothest bones on this earth. Low inventory but will make to order.
  • Scott Miller. His Bone Dry Musical Instrument Co. advertises it has the largest selection of rhythm bones on the planet. Check out his website. Link:
    • . Plunkett Percussion, Aaron Plunkett is a bones player, bones maker, and world percussionist. His site sells a variety of percussion instruments, including goat-rib bone bones joined with a leather thong, rounded lignum vitae bones, resin bones, and his instructional video. His latest creation is 'Blue Bones,' plastic bones cast in two sizes and tones, Alpha for regular and large hands with higher tone and Omega for smaller hands with lower tone.
  • Sandor Slomovits Sandor, a student of Percy Danforth, has been apprenticed for a number of years to Ray Schairer, who makes Danforth bones. Sandor makes bones in a similar design, while branching out to new woods and styles, including old-growth wood reclaimed from the bottom of Lake Michigan. You can order bones from him online at his website. Phone: 800-317-9929 Address: 2000 Penncraft Ct., Ann Arbor, MI 48103
    • Link:
    • . Triskele Rhythm Bones. Jim Hesch is a bones and bodhran player hand crafting rhythm bones made from alternative bones as well as domestic and exotic woods. Examples include 100 year old oak and elk. Quality instruments with significantly unique tones and appearance. Pictures and videos of these Rhythm Bones can be seen on EBay and Facebook at Triskele Rhythm Bones. Telephone: (518) 506-3119. Website: Email

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    Where to Buy Rhythm Bones the old-fashioned way:

    • Bedroom Acoustic Music Wooden bones from Ampthill Bedfordshire, UK. They sell rosewood bones. To buy click on link, then click e-mail and send them an inquiry.
    • Cabin Creek Music they list bones available in native or exotic hardwoods. Mainly a dulcimer shop.
    • Celtic Shop New Zealand Wooden bones made by Peter Collier, and bone bones. Prices in New Zealand Dollars.
    • Dr. Horsehair Music Co. Dr. Horsehair sells ebony and walnut bones-- just click on the "accessories link" for picture, and bones jokes! Also lots of Banjo stuff.
    • History Lives/Cooperman This site is also associated with Cooperman fife and drums. They sell bones as one of many historical museum-type items.
    • Musantiqua At 5.95 Canadian dollars, maybe the most economical bones anywhere. In French and English (it's a Qebequois outfit). There's a brief tutorial on bones, spoons, and limberjack, as well.
    • Noteworthy Instruments This is John Huron's shop in Bristol TN. He makes and sells bones made of cherry, mahogany, walnut, maple, figured woods, american chestnut (!), and persimmon (that's the only North American relative of ebony, folks). Also banjos, dulcimers, and many far stranger things.
    • Rainbow Farms Dulcimer Works This dulcimer shop sells very affordable bones; look in the "other instruments" section, not the "percussion" section.

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    Where to Buy Rhythm Bones directly through the internet:

  • Whamdiddle Instruments Sells bones of domestic and exotic woods, and laminates (layers of wood). Mainly a dulcimer shop. Rick Fogel, maker. You can order on on-line and pay with PayPal.
    • Phone: (206) 910-8259, email:
    • Address: Whamdiddle, 1916 Pike Place Box 906, Seattle, WA 98101-1097
    • Link: