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Rhythm Bones Society

The Rhythm Bones Society is an IRS 501c(3) non-profit educational society formed for the purpose of "the continuation, promotion, and improvement of the rhythm bones (an ancient musical instrument) [as declared in the by-laws of the Society.] In order to preserve, educate and communicate and foster development of bones playing sounds and music, the Society sponsors an annual festival, a newsletter and a website.

The Society was organized during a business meeting at Bones Fest III. Participants voted unanimously to form a non-profit society, and by-laws were approved and signed by all present.To distinguish musical bone players from archeological boners, osteopaths, trombone, domino and die players, and with the permission of Joe Birl, the holder of the Rhythm Bones trademark who attended the meeting, the association selected "Rhythm Bones Society" for its name and elected a Board of Directors and slate of officers. The Board currently comprises:

Members of the the Rhythm Bones Society receive a copy of our quarterly newsletter, and can take advantage of reduced prices for Society events (like Bones Fests).

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