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Rhythm Bones is a musical instrument.  And yet playing bones is a performing art.  Take a walk through videos of many bones artists and discover new styles, new movements, new/old costumes, and new sounds.  I spent some 15 years thinking that bones was only a blues and jazz type instrument.  Thanks to the internet and RBS, the truth is now known that rattling spans every continent, every tonque, every music style.  See what others are playing, and post your own video.  When you post your video, make sure you tell us about it so we can add it to the growing list.

Aaron Plunket
   Bones Intructional Video: Sample excerpt
   World Beat Sample
Ana - Rhythm Bones - El Choclo
Anthony (LimerickLad25)
Barry "Bones" Patton
   Barry Patton World Class Bones player
   Learning The Bones
   Bones Player
   Playing the 'Bones' - Winfield, KS
Bones & Bodhran for Black Sails - Bruce Carter, Brad Dutz
Bones, Jugs and Harmony‏ - Wiggle Ya Bones
at the 6th Annual Chicago Battle of the Jug Bands
"Dueling Percussion" Boris Sichon & Matt Gordon
Breandan O Beaglaioch - Hornpipe
Paddy "Sport" Murphy, all Ireland bone playing champion 5 times
Brothers: Guy and Pip Gillette
Gillette Brothers, Banjo and Bones
Freeman Davis - Brother Bones Sweet Georgia Brown
   SWEET GEORGIA BROWN Brother Bones 1947 (audio only, but nice picture album)
   Brother Bones Minstrel Show Performance
   Brother Bones - Black eyed Susan Brown (audio only)
   Margie, Fox Trot - Brother Bones & His Shadows 1947
Coleman Country Bodhran school '2011 - David Murphy (bones) &Co
Rhythm Bones Lesson - Abe Doron
Hubby Jenkins (Carolina Chocolate Drops) - Instrument Interview: Bones & Banjo
Dom Flemons (Carolina Chocolate Drops)
   Genuine Negro Jig - Athens
   Carolina Chocolate Drops at IMT
   Carolina Cocolate Drops: Snowden's Jig
   Jammin On The Bones with Jerron Paxton
   at the Rock an Roll Hall of Fame Cleveland
   How to Work the Bones @ Jammin Java
   bones solo on "Cindy Gal"
Abe Doron - Bones playing - Rhythm Bones
Rhythm Bones Lesson - Abe Doron
Jason Catron - Kickstarter Demo for Rhythm Bones
The Chieftains
Dave Hare - Camp Lincoln String Band
   "Arkansas Traveler/Turkey in the Straw" Medley
   "Boil em Cabbage Down"
   "Old Dan Tucker"
   Racoon ?
Dom Flemons how to play
Dom Flemons and Rowan Corbett jam on Bones
Dom Flemons with Scott Miller
Clif Ervin bones & Chris Coole banjo
   Chris Coole (banjo) and Clif Ervin (master of bones) at MBC
Darrell Flanery
Skeffington Flynn - Wednesday Night Shedhoppers at the Ridge - Cornbread and Butterbeans
David Holt Folk Rhythms - Learn to Play
Georgie Buck- David Holt's State of Music with Rhiannon Giddens
Ernie Gordon - Amazing bones playing with harmonica
   Ernie Gordon and his Bones
   NHL - H2003 - Carnival of Venice
Francis Craig and his orchestra - Play Them Bones
Doc MacGillicuddy
   Gene, a.k.a. Doc MacGillicuddy On The Bones
   Doc MacGillicuddy - More Bone Action
Bones player Gerard 87 years old, from Quebec City, Canada
Gilles Lapierre
Bob Goulet
George Gilmore - Contestant Plays "Bones" on Amateur Hour
Gil Hibben
Grandad MacDonald Playin' the Bones
Greg Adams, Carl Anderton, Tim Twiss
   Novice Bones Class (Suwannee Banjo Camp 2012)
Greg Burrows
Greg Burrows Bones Solo #2
Guy Berniquez bones. On air "Jitter Plateau Mont-Royal" composed by Jean-Claude Bélanger and interpreted by Carmen accordion Guérard. For more information:
Hillar Bergman
   Hoss on the Rattle Bones 1
   Hoss on the Rattle Bones 2
   Hoss on the Rattle Bones 3
James Yoshizawa - Irish Bones Lesson
JC Burris
Jes Lund II
   Bones solo by Jes Lund
   Bones solo by Jes Lund II
Jack Frost
   Jack Frost plays the bones!
   Jack playing the bones
Jean Mehaffey of Florida demonstrates her skill on rhythm bones.
Jeff Lefferts
   Ukulele & Bones Ragtime Duet
   Guitar and Bones Duet
   Bones Guy
   Hot Tamales (They're Red Hot) - Ukulele & Bones
   Abbeyfeale 2014 All-Ireland Bones Championship - Reel Set
Steve Levitt - Hambone, Rhythm Bones, Flatfoot Dancing
Jerry and Sharon Mescher and Jerry's Sister Bernie Worrell
The Bones - Octoberfest 2011 - Miami - Bernie Worrell
Albert Mescher and Jerry Mescher
Musical Jim - Triskele Rhythm Bones for Hands-On Playing Every Musical Instrument Museum HOPE
John Allin at Cass Country Historical Society
   The Cass County Civil War Kids Club
   Southern Travelers John Allin and James Stanley
John 'Bones' Nobles and Steve Rattlebrained
Listos: Shave Yo' legs - Swamp Train - Keb' Mo cover
John Henry Nobles
Ken Sweeney
Kenny Wolin
   Performance at Bonesfest X
   @ Bonesfest XI in Milwaulkee
Ken Wolin and Tim Reilly
   Sea Music Festival at Mystic Seaport
Klepperle: Die Stahringer Musig spielt "Böhmischer Traum"
und die Klepperle helfen
Kyle Pretzl
   Wood Stove Walk 'Round
   Jammin' with Clarke!
   Buffalo Gals
   Gettysburg Banjo 3 - Old Dan Tucker
   Gettysburg Banjo 4 Where Did You Come From
   Circus Jig
   Lucy Neal AEBG IV
   Jim Along Josie
   Mississippi Rag, early banjo film (1897)
   Rare footage of forgotten Blues duo
   Old Cremona
   The Unique Mazurka, 1892
Mardeen Gordon, expert bones player and maker
Mel Mercier
   Mícheál Ó Súilleabháin and Mel Mercier
   Mel Mercier and Gerry Murray playing a polka
   Tommie Cunniffe, Mel Mercier,and Karl Nesbitt
   at Aula Max University College Cork 02.10.09
Michael Metzler / Mel Mercier
Mel had been accompanied by Gerry Murray (accordeon),
Michael Metzler (medieval castagnettes) and Thórralf (Bodhrán)
Michael Baytop & Nicholas Spicer
Mickie Zekley
Bones & Skin performed by the Zekley Family Band
Mike Passerotti
   Blue Rhythm And Bones Patriotic
   8 Bar Blue Jam
   Harp and Bones - Hen's Cackle
   Nacogdoches Front Porch Jam Session
Dan and Mike Passerotti
Mitch Boss
   Bones for Donovan and family
   bones 1
   Philidor Percussion Group with guest
Percy Danforth & David Holt
Andy Cohen and Percy Danforth
Alan 'Gunga' Purves plays the bones
Raquy - "The Wish" Music Video
Bill Raies Plays the Bones
Red-Haired Boy~ St. Patrick's Day 2007 Traverse City MI
Richard Troon
   Troon & Carr thanksgiving '10
   Troon, Carr & Buster
Rob Folboteur
Rob Schneider aka "Folboteur"
   Rhythm Quest
   Rhythm Bones Technical Rudiments Tutorial 1
   Rhythm Bones Technical Rudiments Tutorial 2
   Rhythm Bones Technical Rudiments Tutorial 3
   Rhythm Bones Hemiola
   Butter Shakin' Bones
   Rhythm Bones: A-One, and A-Two...
   Rhythm Bones Progress Report 2: Bones are like Salt... in a wound?
   Rhythm Bones: Progress Report 6...All Music
Roy Clarke
Russ Meyers
Scott Miller
   Bones Fest XI D
   Get Up In The Morning/Circus Jig
   Arkansas Traveller
   Old Dan Tucker
   Al Simms' Tune
   Hinton WV Bones Workshop Intro
   Bones Workshop One Hand Style
   Roger Netherton, Jan Marra, Scott Miller: Reel de Montebello
   Roger Netherton, Jan Marra, Scott Miller: The Zipper
   Sweet Georgia Brown with Jan Marra
Scott Miller with the Carolina Chocolate Drops
Spike Bones
Don DeCamp
Jonnathan Danforth on fiddle & Dennis Riedesel
   Playing the bones
   The Jethros in "Shake Your Bones", Boney Jethro (aka Jonathan Danforth) on The Bones
Steve Brown/Raymond Henry - Part 1 - 2012 All-Ireland Bones Playing
   Steve Brown/Raymond Henry - Part 2 - 2012 All-Ireland Bones Playing
   Steve Brown Plays the Bones
   Steve Brown (bones) and Raymond Henry (flute) Performing in Tubbercurry
   Banjos and Bones - "Cluck Old Hen," "Cold Frosty Morning," Ryan Thomson plays clawhammer style
   Nashua Stroll, Ryan Thomson and Steve Brown - cajun two step
Steve Rattlebrained Litsios
   Escola Virtual de Percussió Ibèrica Capitol 1: Tejoletas
   Tarrañuelas o tejoletas
   tarrañuelas paluek lesson 1
   fandango trikitixa acordeon tarrañuelas paluek bones basque
   ritmo jota / fandango de menos a mas
Tinsmith (Rowan Corbett)
   Pretty Little Indian / Ducks on the Millpond
   Harpers Ferry Violin, Bones and Banjo Workshop Performance
Rowan Corbett and Greg Adams - A Bones Happening at the Board and Brew
Tom Breathe
Rhythm Bones percussion workshop by the "Fiddling Thomsons,"
Newmarket Heritage Festival
Vash - Basics of playing the bones
Yirdy "MacBones" Playing 8 bones at Tønder Festival 2012
   Yirdy Machar and Neil Stanford performing Live
Yoppy Kyabetsu
   Froggy went a Courtin' - banjo, ukulele, and bones
   Dem Bones II: Tractor Supply Co. Has Everything!
   dem bones (rhythm bones, that is)
   Banjo Friday 15: Possum in a Well
   Save the Bones for Henry Jones
Wayne Jones
Jerry Hines - Silver King Minstrels in Tombstone, AZ
Jerry Hines plays the bones at Bones Fest in Grand Rapids, MI
Sky Bartlett
Sky Bartlett and Ernie Duffy
Sky Bartlett, Ernie Duffy & Don DeCamp - 3 generations
Spencer (no bones video yet)
Arian - Exploding Stegosaurus Rhythm Bones
James Thorpe
Bill Vits Bones & Drum Kit Workshop - Bones Fest XVII
Mr. Woods
Jack Wardrop - Rhythm bones and clawhammer banjo
Martin Zak - Kvapem na svatbu - Old-Time Music
Haste to the Wedding
Rhythm Bones - Bones Fest XVII
Oficina de trancanholas, castanholas ou tabuinhas
Esther clase castanuelas
Marie-Hélène Delavaud-Roux in Euripides, Bacchae, 64-103 with percussion
   Marie Hélène Delavaud Roux, la vigie grecque
Bones Fest VII - Pass Around, Jerry Mescher, Russ Myers, Walt Watkins, Don DeCamp
Inexpensive rhythm bones for teaching workshops, youth groups, etc.
Mosibuebä - Muotathaler-Gäuerler = clapperle
Needs a name
   Piano and Rhythm bones

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