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Dr Fred Edmunds

Dr Fred Edmunds' Bones Unlimited Instructional Course is now on-line.

Click below for Beginner Instruction
Chapter 1 (How to Hold the Bones)

Chapter 2 (Taps)
Chapter 4 (Triplets)

Click HERE for the complete 'Bones Unlimited' course

If Everett Cowett is the father of the Rhythm Bones Society, Fred Edmunds is its grandfather. Fred was a rhythm bones enthusiast who worked very hard to introduce people to bones playing. He sold bones and wrote a monthly newsletter. He also talked Ev Cowett into hosting Bones Fest I. You can read a story about him in the on-line RBP newsletter, Vol 5, No 3.

He also wrote a book and made a video titled 'Bones Unlimited," and his beginning lessons are presented here. His complete course that emphasizes the percussive style of playing is also on-line.

The original book and video and the on-line version are copyright 2007-2011
by the Rhythm Bones Society. All rights reserved.

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