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Bones Fest XVII Highlights

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Bones Fest XVII hosted by Executive Directdor, Steve Brown, was in Leominster, MA on August 8-11, 2013. Most of the activites were held in the Unitarium Church with outings to be on the Mayor's weekly television program, to the Boys and Girls Club, Senior Center, and Kimball Farms where the first ever Bones Flash Mob happened, There were workshops, performances and a dinner at the Franco-American Club. Video highlights follow.

Overall Highlights (video needs to be larger)

Kenny Wolin's Latin Workshop

Boys and Gils Club Outing (video needs to be larger)

Flash Mob at Kimball Farms (video needs to be larger)

Saturday Night and Steve Brown

Nicole Singer

Teri and KennyWolin

Dan, Martha and John Cowett

Skeff Flynn

Ari Erbaum (fix missing part)

Erie Duffy and Mitch Boss

Adam Klein - John Henry