Dem Bones Dem Bones

Bones Fest XII

Universtiy of Missouri - St. Louis, October 17-19, 2008

BFII Group Photo
Hosted by Spike Bones and Scott Miller

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Bones Fest XII was held on the campus of University of Missouri at St. Louis, and with lodging and dining located in the same building as most of the events made it the most convenient of all of the Fests. On campus access to the train made it easy to attend away events. The Fest started in the Mayor's office with a presentation to hosts Spike and Scott of a Proclamation declaring this weekend "Bones Fest XII Weekend." There was a performance at the War Memorial which was to be followed by a group photograph which as you can see by the small number of people in the photograph (with Spike holding the flag and Scott on the right) did not happen because of the 100,000 person rally for then candidate Barak Obama (which was pretty exciting itself no matter who you voted for.) The rally unfortuanely canceled the Riverboat Cruise on the Mississippi River. The public show was held in one of the University auditoriums. Thanks to Spike and Scott for another great Fest

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