Dem Bones Dem Bones

Bones Fest XI

Riveredge Nature Center, WI, August 18-20, 2007

BFXI Web Photo

Hosted by Dave Boyles and Don Gilmore

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There is so much that can be said about Bones Fest XI, and a good part of it is captured in the photograph. First the beauty of the Riveredge Nature Center with its grounds, paths, and buildings, and as shown the building for the Fest. Second, the live music with the band, Razzamatazz shown above, with Dave Boyles on bones and percussion (Dave on the left with the Mescher Trio of Sharon and Jerry Mescher and Bernie Worrell on the right), and the Irish band Frogwater. Third, jamming with the Gillette Brothers with the Nature Center grounds in the background, Fourth, pre-fest at Finbar McCarthy's Bar, and last but not least stage time for the Rhythm Bones Society at Milwaukee's Irish Fest, the largest such Irish event in the world. Thanks to Dave and Don for another great Fest.

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