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Audio & Video on this Website

This page collects all audio and video on the website. It is organized by last name of the rhythm bones player. Audio files are indicated with an asterisk (*). YouTube videos that are embedded in our website are included. Click HERE to see Mike's list of all known rhythm bones YouTube videos. At the bottom of this page are some other interesting video links.

Mitch Boss - Plays Hot Corn Cold Corn
Dave Boyles* - After You've Gone
Steve Brown
- Traditional Irish Rhythm Bones Workshop
JC Burris - Highway Blues
John Cahill - A Tribute
Rowan Corbett - Plays Hands from ilyAIMY CD
Rowan Corbett - Plays Cold Frosty Morning Set from Tinsmith CD
Ido Corti - Rhythm Bones Player from Tuscany, Italy
Jonathan Danforth
- Interview about Percy Danforth
Percy Danforth - How to Play the Bones
Percy Danforth & David Holt - Interview
Nick Driver* - Sporting Races of Galway
Nick Driver - Accompanying Bonnie Dixon at Bones Fest V
Fred Edmunds - Bones Unlimited Instruction
Clif Ervin - A performance with Chris Coole
Dom Flemons - How to Play the Bones
Christopher Flynn - Sing, Sing, Sing
Norris Frazier - A Tribute
Teilhard Frost - Growling Old Man and Woman/Spring Thaw from Flapjack
Guy Gillette - Cowboy Annie from Cowboys Minstrels and Medicine Shows
Ted Goon* - Shiek of Araby
Ted Goon* - Ain't She Sweet
Ted Goon* - Fast Freight Blues
Ted Goon* - Tiger Rag on Steve Allen Radio Show
Cecil Hyatt* - Talks About and Plays Oldtime Bones
Erik Ilott* - Shantyman sings and play bones to 'Sally Brown'
Cathy Jordan - The Bealtime Set from The Travelling Show CD
Adam Klein - Ecosystem Words
Yirdy Machar* - The Battle of Sowerby Bridge
Mescher Trio - Perform Golden Slippers
Scott Miller - Plays a Minstrel Medley with banjo player Greg Adams
Russ Myers - Memorial Video
Russ Myers* - Flowers of Edinburgh with Possum Ridge String Band
Barry Patton - With the Byron Berline Band
Aaron Plunkett - Preview of his Rhythm Bones Instructional Video
Tim Reilly - Solo rhythm bones performance
Tim Reilly - Rudiment and Scrimshaw Workshops
Randy Seppala - Life in Finnish Woods
Randy Seppala - Slappin' On My Black Cat Bone
Mark Shelton - Happy in the Now - Voice and Rhythm Bones
Sandor Slomovits*- I Can Feel it in My Bones
Spike Bones - Dance Workshop
Mary Lee Sweet - Old King Crow with Frank Sweet
Richard Thomas* - Hen's Cackle with Archie Edwards (see his obituary)
Tuscan Castanets
*- Rhythm Bones Music From Tuscany, Italy
Various - Bones Fest XIV Video Highlights
Bill Vits
- Demonstrates his Drum and Rhythm Bones Techniques
Kenny Wolin - Two-hand Independence Workshop
Cliff Wood - Performance at 102 years of age

Other Interesting Videos

Klepperle is German for rhythm bones. The website is in German with no English. Jonathan Danforth wrote an article on 'klepperle' and you can read it in on-line newsletter, RBP, Vol 7, No 2. The Webmaster is Dr. Joachim Schuhmacher. The following videos links speak for themselves. - How to Play Klepperle - Videos of 2009 Contest

The Travel Channel played a video about Klepperle. It was directed by Reinhard Enderle from Gengenbach, Germany, and he gave us permission to add it to our website. It also is in German, but the music is universal.